Look ma, I can run containers on Amazon ECS Anywhere — On-premises or on the Cloud !!

5 min readJun 1, 2021

TL DR: Amazon ECS Anywhere is a feature of Amazon ECS that enables you to easily run and manage container workloads on customer-managed infrastructure and is now Generally available (GA) — https://aws.amazon.com/about-aws/whats-new/2021/05/amazon-elastic-container-service-anywhere-is-now-generally-available/ !! This is now available across 23 AWS Regions (and growing)where Amazon ECS is available, including AWS India Mumbai region.

Key resources:

We recently had an online event centered around Amazon ECS. You can watch the session on Amazon ECS anywhere, where the key features, demos and service roadmap were explained in-detail:

Container Day — Amazon ECS Anywhere

Demo Architecture:

I needed a quick way to setup an demo of Amazon ECS Anywhere, what better than to run this on my laptop using an Ubuntu image with Vagrant and VirtualBox and connectivity back to the Amazon ECS control Plane via the internet. Obviously, in a real-world scenario, you would want to use a more secure (use VPN), reliable connection (like AWS Direct Connect, redundant VPN etc.) from your data center to AWS.

Amazon ECS Anywhere setup for the demo, where I used an Ubuntu leveraging Vagrant & VirtualBox on my Mac notebook ..

Note: Nathan Peck in his awesome blog using Raspberry PI’s has used an AWS Site to site VPN for connectivity between his external compute resources and Amazon ECS.


Setting up External servers

brew install virtualbox
brew install vagrant

Note: I had some issues while starting the VM due to the Virtual Box getting blocked by MacOS in loading some kernel modules. You need to go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy and allow software from the vendor to load.

Using the AWS Console or CLI

aws ecs create-cluster --cluster-name $CLUSTER_NAME
  • Create an ECS anywhere activation key, make a note of the ActivationID and ActivationCode
aws ssm create-activation --iam-role ECSAnywhereRole | tee ssm-activation.json
  • Login to the Ubuntu VM, and run the ECS anywhere installation script (make sure the environment variables are set correctly)
vagrant upvagrant ssh curl --proto "https" -o "/tmp/ecs-anywhere-install.sh" "https://amazon-ecs-agent.s3.amazonaws.com/ecs-anywhere-install-latest.sh"sudo bash /tmp/ecs-anywhere-install.sh --region $REGION --cluster $CLUSTER_NAME --activation-id $ACTIVATION_ID --activation-code $ACTIVATION_CODE

At this point, unless there are network connectivity issues, the Ubuntu server should show up as an External server in the Amazon ECS console

Amazon ECS console

You can get more details on the AWS System Manager about the server

AWS Systems Manager

Deploying a sample service on the External server

Task Definition for External

Please note at this point of time only bridge, host, or none network modes are supported awsvpc network mode isn't supported

  • Using the AWS CLI or the console, register the Task definition and run a ECS service or a Task on the newly formed ECS cluster
  • Once the task or service is created, you can ssh into the Ubuntu vagrant box and you will notice both the nginx image as well as the ecs agent image running as containers inside Ubuntu.
Inside the Ubuntu vagrant server

We can also access the nginxdemo web page on our local laptop, if we have forwarded the port from Vagrant to the localhost in Vagrantfile.

accessing the nginx demo image
  • From within the ECS console
ECS console

Finally, we can also stream the logs back to AWS by using Amazon Cloudwatch (https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonECS/latest/developerguide/ecs-anywhere-iam.html#ecs-anywhere-iam-conditional) or using Fluentbit as per the instruction at https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonECS/latest/developerguide/firelens-example-taskdefs.html

Logs from nginxdemos

That concludes this short demo …


With the GA of Amazon ECS Anywhere, the next frontier of leveraging existing compute resources in your data center to run managed containers using an orchestrator like Amazon ECS is now possible.

I feel, workloads that require compute to be in the data centers due to Compliance reasons or in scenarios which need close integration with backends (maybe something like a payment switch) or databases, will be great use-cases to leverage Amazon ECS Anywhere. Of course, you can also run ECS anywhere in raspberry PI or other kinds of compute devices too !!

Hope this blog was useful. Stay safe and stay cheerful !!




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