Access Windows based EC2 Instances securely using the Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) on AWS — by leveraging the AWS RD Gateway Quick Start

  1. You need a very specific version of Windows version. Amazon WorkSpaces offers Amazon Linux WorkSpaces built on Amazon Linux 2 LTS, or Windows 10 desktop experiences. The Windows 10 desktop experiences is powered by Windows Server 2016 (
  1. Deploy Windows EC2 Instances in private subnets with the same VPC
  2. Access the Windows instances via the RD gateway using an RDP client from my Mac laptop (this can also be a Windows laptop/desktop too).

Step 1: Deploying the RD Gateway Quick start

Run the Cloudfornation template for the quickstart from

RD Gateway quickstart
RD Gateway IP address and security group

Step 2: Deploy Windows EC2 instances in the private subnet

The post deployment steps are given at

  1. We will need the private IP address and the host name of the Windows EC2 instances. The private IP address can be obtained from the AWS console and for the host name, you can use the following technique to get the hostname, without login to the instance ..
EC2 console
Windows hostname

Step 3: Access the Windows instances from Remote Desktop Client

From the post deployment steps are given at

remote gateway server
Windows EC2 instance
Windows EC2 instance via the RD Gateway server !!



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